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Ed with 17 DMAG treatment, 120 mg / kg in ALK inhibitor in clinical trials PBS at 4 intraperitoneal doses at intervals Ends by 12 h, as described in Schwock and colleagues gel St. The other group re U only the Tr Hunters, PBS, ip in a volume equal. After the processing of optical fluorescence imaging was performed on days 3, 6 and 9. This time interval weight Ensured a completely Removal of the previous requests reference requests getting injections Affibody as determined in a pilot study and as best shown in the illustrations pre t Resembled performed imaging CONFIRMS. A subgroup of five mice M Were shown only once and no treatment, they were used to collect more data on the correlation of in vivo imaging of HER2 expression signal, measured ex vivo. Following the procedures of the study, the M Get use a broken neck Tet and isolated the tumors, frozen on dry ice and stored tissue lysis and Western blot at80C. On day 3, 8 Mice get Were tet, correlated to the trigger signal in vivo imaging with ex vivo expression of Her2. On day 9, we had difficulty performing the injection into the tail of the Mice in one group in the Tr hunters, which leads to the administration of only a small amount of imaging agent. In addition, two clone B were treated tumors in the group of 17 DMAG B walls too small to be measured by caliper on day 9 shrunk. Therefore, the respective images and tissue samples left to further analysis. Statistical analysis Data are presented as absolute numbers and meansSEs. Analyzed for the in vitro t-tests for independent were Independent samples used to test for differences in cell lines for each dose of the active ingredient in comparison to untreated cells. For in vivo analyzes were t tests for independent Independent samples are used to the difference of the optical imaging signal between the carrier hunter and 17 DMAG-treated test groups.
Paired t-tests of samples were used to Dipeptidy detect differences in groups between days to test imaging. The correlation was were treated with a Pearson correlation coefficient from the data the log-transformed to obtain a normal distribution determined. All tests were two C Teas and P 0.05 was considered significant. SPSS 16.0 was used for statistical calculations. Leads to the expression levels of HER2 in vitro reduced from 17 DMAG results of flow cytometry showed that the three cell lines MCF7 parental clone A and B clone, expression levels low, medium and high the Her2, were, respectively, and consist of pure populations. The results of western blot best Confirms this differences HER2 protein. In addition, HER2 expression decreased dose- Ngig 17 DMAG. Her2 downregulation of 0.45 mmol / L DMAG 17 in comparison to untreated cells was 74% to 5% for the parental MCF7 cells, 66% to 14% clone A cells, 72% and 17% for B cell clone. Signal optical imaging in living M Mice in the diuretic response to claim 17 DMAG treatment Before treatment was begun, best CONFIRMS as imaging optics the average signal imaging optics significantly h forth for malignant B-Clone for parental MCF7 tumors, but the feasibility of monitoring the treatment with the Affibody in the optical imaging has not yet been addressed. Other research groups have demonstrated the potential to measure the specific goal radiotracer in PET imaging for treatment effects on molecular targets. Smith Jones and his colleagues monitored Changes back Her2.

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