Irinotecan Topoisomerase inhibitor was performed on the stereotactic coordinates

Hed in mineral L to prevent Irinotecan Topoisomerase inhibitor dehydration. Complete C1 laminectomy was performed and the dura mater was incised and underlying removed to expose the spinal cord. A craniotomy was performed on the stereotactic coordinates of the A11 nucleus, the best rostrally. The dura mater is based was drilled to the penetration of the stimulating electrode resembled erm. 2.1.2. The stimulation of the dura mater meningeal artery perimiddle recording and bipolar stimulating electrode was of CBT can be stored directly on the dura mater and c Tea or both sides of the middle meningeal artery and square wave stimuli 0.5 ms and create up to 20 volts. Extracellular Re measurements in the ipsilateral TCC of neurons with a latency of entering the announcement of fibers were prepared to respond to electrical stimulation of the dura mater and mechanical nociceptive Clofarabine 123318-82-1 stimulation of the receptive field, and innocent face with a tungsten microelectrode of impedance of 0.5 to 2 MX and the tip diameter of 0.5 lm. Was the recording electrode, aufgeh depends At a fixed to the piezoelectric microplates stereotactic frame is supplied Born by a control device. As the electrode was lowered Stie S the neurons were convergent cutaneous receptive to the entry field with harmless and beautiful tested dlichen pinch brush and electrical stimulation of the dura mater. The signal from the recording electrode was connected to a reinforcing Amplifier head daily over a preamplifier Amplifier alternative introduced rger through the filter and a St Uschbeseitiger 60 Hz, and by a second stage of the amplifier Rkers. The filtered and verst Signal power markets has been a speaker at a Power amp Amplifier and fed to analog oscilloscopes and digital displays. The signal was sent with an amplitude discriminator and then closed by a window discriminator, displayed t is a single voltage pulse of a given H Height and length A function Dependence of each action potential the H He fell into a preset window. Data was supported by the window discriminator output and then displayed on a computer either a histogram or post-stimulus peristimulus histogram using Spike 2 V6. 2.1.3. A11 L mission Of the core metal unipolar tungsten electrode was placed directly in stereotactic coordinates for the selected Immersed hlten core A11. Pulse generator with a buffer stimulation pulse divided activates a constant current insulator. 2.1.4. Drugs All drugs were in saline Gel solution St and fresh on the morning of the experiment, and saline Solution was used as controlled The vehicle. Naratriptan, selective 5 HT1B/1D receptor agonist, was at a dose of 5 mg / kg, which is shown to inhibit neuronal responses in the TCC, quinpirole, was administered as the D2 receptor agonist, at a dose of 3 mg / kg, the dose shown in itself has to bind to its receptors and inhibit neuronal responses in the TCC Varespladib mater to electrical stimulation of the dura, GR127935 the administered receptor antagonist of 5 HT1B/1D was, in a dose of 3 mg / kg administered and dihydrexidine, selective and reversible as the hydrochloride from dopamine D1 receptor agonist, was at a dose of 3 mg / kg, all drugs and their specific pharmacological summarized in Table 1. The combined injection of two drugs was administered in doses up and kept the total of all administrations of drugs to less than 0.8 ml second.

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