The resulting sporopol lenin monomers are extruded to the locule

The resulting sporopol lenin monomers are extruded to the locule and deposited on the pollen cell wall with the assistance of LTPs and GRPs. We isolated two GRP like selleckchem and five LTP like genes that could be considered as candidates to perform this role in peach. In addition, ppa009789m gene codes for a protein simi lar to RPG1 of Arabidopsis, a plasma membrane protein involved in exine pattern formation. Two additional flower Inhibitors,Modulators,Libraries bud late genes are respectively putative orthologs of the ARABIDOPSIS TAPETUM1 gene, coding for a putative short chain dehydrogenase reductase expressed in the tap etum and LAP3 gene, essential for proper exine formation. The following flower bud late genes coding for puta tive DNA binding and regulatory proteins could be involved in the transcriptional regulation of pollen maturation pathways, ppa008351m, ppa022178m and PpB71.

The Arabidopsis potential ortholog of ppa008351m codes for a bHLH type transcription factor that interacts at the protein level with ABORTED MICROSPORES and DYSFUNCTIONAL TAPETUM 1, two other bHLH type factors involved in tapetum develop ment and pollen wall formation. On the other side, ppa022178m is Inhibitors,Modulators,Libraries the potential peach counterpart of the Arabidopsis MALE STERILITY1 gene, which encodes a well known PHD domain tran scription factor relevant for late tapetum development and pollen wall biosynthesis. Interestingly, At2g42940 gene, coding for an AT hook DNA binding protein highly similar to peach PpB71, was found speci fically expressed in the wild type tapetum after meiosis, and unexpectedly up regulated in the Inhibitors,Modulators,Libraries ms1 mutant.

This prompted to the authors to hypothesize Inhibitors,Modulators,Libraries that MS1 was involved in the stage specific repression of At2g42940 to ensure its expression in a narrow time interval soon after the degeneration of the callose walls surrounding Inhibitors,Modulators,Libraries the tetrads. The functional relevance of At2g42940 in pollen cell wall formation was assessed by the generation of RNAi transgenic lines, showing pollen grains with a thinner cell wall, some of which had collapsed. The fact that genes expected to function downstream in the biochemical pathway are expressed earlier than the upstream genes seems to be rather inconsistent. However their particular expression profiles do overlap over a certain period of time, suggesting that it could act as a mechanism ensur ing the activation of this pathway at the precise time.

The complex network of transcriptional and protein interactions between the transcriptional factors involved in early and late anther development in Arabidopsis points to an intricate gene regulation selleck chem inhibitor path way. As inferred from the expression studies shown in this work, ppa008351m is expressed earlier than ppa022178m and PpB71 within the regulatory circuits operating in the anther developmen tal events in peach.

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