Same way, the genome expression depends on the DNA conformational

Same way, the genome expression depends on the DNA conformational status. DNA consists of two polynucleotide chains, complimentary bound to each other by hydrogen bonds throughout all the length, which makes a known system of double helix (Ivanov and Galimov, 2007 and Ivanov, 2007). see more genetic information is to be transferred due to replication of complimentary bases formed

chains and, as far as it is known, this major principle is taken as universal for all pre-existing and currently functioning life forms. Therefore, an autonomy of the genetic information transfer might be guaranteed Torin 1 order only in case of the complementary nucleotide pair existence which is, in turn, is one of the basic conditions needed for answering to the first question. What is a nature of origin of the first informational molecules complimentary structures ? Certainly, once overlooking both random and regularity-formed routes of the

possible processes of these macromolecules origin in a row, then just by definition, a preference should be given to the latter one. That choice might be made, particularly, due to the regularity format of the event expected. A high level of the molecular structures MEK162 ic50 conformational fitting could be provided by regression of polyheterocyclic compounds. To visualize that, let’s imagine the woody pencil rupture sharp margins having an easily reached high-rank conformational inter-coupling fitting. Most probably, this clear and simple way was in fact chosen by nature known due its smart solutions for complex problems. Getting through analysis of an alternative way, i.e. the way of the complementary pair members separate origin along with a point of unbelievable degree of the conformational match randomness, then this way is definitely far more time-consuming and far less trust-deserving. Even in a close look, this gives a reason to exclude the

variant of single and consequent synthesis of abiogenic nucleotides. At least, the wide range chromato-mass-spectrometric studies on compounds obtained in a course of the pre-biotic abiogenic synthesis simulation allowed to find no one case of the complimentary nucleotide O-methylated flavonoid pair formation. On other hand, it has been proven that the heterocyclic compounds abiogenc synthesis is a rather reachable task (Lupatov, et al. 2006). From this standpoint, the single nucleotide synthesis focused simulation of abiogenic processes look not reasonable. However, the data obtained shows a direction for further studies devoted to the very first steps of the matter’s biological evolution. One of these steps is a regression of polyheterocyclic compounds leading to formation of the mutually complimentary molecular structures. Ivanov, A. and Galimov, E. (2007). Molecular isotopy of conformational interactions. Symposium on isotopic geochemistry named by A. Vinogradov, pages 44–45. Moscow, Russia. Ivanov, A. (2007).

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