tularensis type B     Kentucky 2000 CDC 32 MO01-1673 F tularensi

ICG-001 solubility dmso tularensis type B     Oregon 1996 CDC 31 KY00-1708 F. tularensis type B     Kentucky 2000 CDC 32 MO01-1673 F. tularensis type B     Missouri 2001 CDC 33 IN00-2758 F. tularensis type B     Indiana 2000 CDC 34 CA99-3992 F. tularensis type B     California 1999 CDC 35 FRAN004 F. tularensis type B   LVS Russia 1958 (?) USAMRIID 36 FRAN012 F. tularensis type B     Alabama 1991 USAMRIID 37 Syk inhibitor FRAN024 F. tularensis type B   JAP Japan 1926 USAMRIID 38 FRAN025 F. tularensis type B   VT68 Vermont 1968 USAMRIID 39 FRAN029 F. tularensis type B   425 Montana 1941 (?) USAMRIID 40 FRAN003 F. novicida   ATCC 15482 (U112) Utah 1950 USAMRIID aStrains characterized to the level of A1a

or A1b by PmeI PFGE are indicated. bIsolate recovered from a clinically normal rabbit Table 2 F. tularensis strains used to evaluate SNP diagnostic markers S. No. Isolate Subspecies Clade see more Geographic Source Year isolated 1 ND00-0952 type A A1 (A1a) North Dakota 2000 2 MO01-1907 type A A1 (A1a) Missouri 2001 3 AR00-0028

type A A1 (A1a) Arkansas 2000 4 KS00-0948 type A A1 (A1a) Kansas 2000 5 OK01-2528 type A A1 (A1a) Oklahoma 2001 6 CA00-0036 type A A1 (A1a) California 2000 7 AR98-2146 type A A1 (A1a) Arkansas 1998 8 GA02-5497 type A A1 (A1a) Virginia 1982 9 NC01-5379 type A A1 (A1b) North Carolina 2001 10 NY04-2787 type A A1 (A1b) New York 2004 11 AK96-2888 type A A1 (A1b) Alaska 1996 12 OK02-0195 type A A1 (A1b) Oklahoma 2002 13 PA04-2790 type A A1 (A1b) Pennsylvania 2004 14 CA04-2258 type A A1 (A1b) California 2004 15 GA02-5375 type A A1 (A1b) New York 1977 16 WY03-1228 type A A2 Wyoming 2003 17 CO01-3713 type A A2 Colorado 2001 18 UT07-4362 type A A2 Utah 2007 19 TX00-1591 type A A2 Texas 2000 20 Clomifene GA02-5453 type A A2 Wyoming 1993 21 WY01-3911 type A A2 Wyoming 2001 22 NM99-0295 type A A2 New Mexico 1999 23 ID04-2687 type A A2 Oregon 2004 24 AZ00-1180 type B   Arizona 2000 25 AZ00-1324 type B   Arizona 2000 26 SP03-1782 type B   Spain 2003 27 WA98-1774 type B   Washington 1998 28 E3443 type B   Oregon 1978 29 SP98-2108 type B   Spain 1998 30 OR98-0719 type B   Oregon 1998 31 RC503 type B   Russia – 32

SP03-1783 type B   Spain 2003 33 CN98-5979 type B   Canada 1998 34 NY98-2295 type B   New York 1998 35 TX03-3834 type B   Mississippi 2003 36 IN00-2758 type B   Indiana 2000 37 F4853 type B   California 1983 38 OH01-3029 type B   Kansas 2001 39 CO05-3922 type B   Colorado 2005 Francisella genomic DNA Genomic DNAs of F. tularensis reference strains LVS and SCHU S4 were obtained from Dr. Luther Lindler of Global Emerging Infections Surveillance and Response System of Department of Defense. Genomic DNA was isolated from the strains in Table 1 and Table 2 using the QIAamp DNA mini kit or Gentra Puregene Cell Kit (Qiagen, Valencia, CA) according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Genomic DNA samples were stored at -80°C.

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